I have to delete half of my iPhone data to install ios8😔😔😔😔 very sad

Fond some Cumberbatch at my uni. Great beginning of the day;)

Do you ever go somewhere and casually check your phone for a quick moment and then find yourself standing and staring at your phone for 15 minutes?


Supernatural season 10 promo ! 

There’s an East Wind coming.




#these assholes lmao

Can someone reblog this adding the gifs of lestrade listening politely?

Here you go. :D


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Tapestry closeups

Katniss Everdeen put the ruth in truth


Cleaner version of the Jason Bell photo. [x]

I went to see the fault in our stars but now I’m standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus like for a 25 minutes. The film has started 15 minutes ago. The fault in their buses ugh

- Sherlock, I’m home- 

- Hello, John.
- Hello, Watson.
- You’re late, dear Watson.

Currently reading: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri