"Tonight, I got to live out a dream : Showing Benedict Cumberbatch my cosplay for HolmesCon 2013!" - @ConanOBrien


fav character: [kills someone]
me: aw


Andrew Scott at London Collections: Men AW 2014 [x]

there is a the fault in our stars art contest and this is one of the works:

i’m laughing so hard right know

i do not own the picture. all credits to this person


Make Me Choose: Ten’s Ties or Ten’s Red Converse 

requested by littlelionmanning.

look at my muscles. look at my muscles. look at my muscles.

❝ Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute ❞
Edgar Allan Poe, “To” (via larmoyante)



AKA the moment where my heart died

Currently reading: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri